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Start Building Financial Independence. We make it REALLY simple.

βœ“ Have your money working for you.
βœ“ Know your Net Worth in as little as 5 minutes.
βœ“ Learn how to start earning the best interest rates.
βœ“ View the value of your assets so you can invest smarter.


A buy-and-hold strategy used by people who deeply understand an assets true value.


Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), a strategy dedicated to savings and investment.

5 Spreadsheet Tabs

Give yourself the knowledge, to make wealth building moves.

Grow your Assets

Tracking the right metrics is key to keeping and building wealth..

Net Worth: Auto-calculate all your assets

Asset Tracking: List your assets, quantities, and then live price feeds auto-calculate totals, profits and portfolio %

Interest Totals: Know the % of your portfolio earning interest. Total each platform and average rate.

Interest Platforms: Interest rates updated for supported platforms, monthly interest payments auto-calculated,Β 

Time is Freedom

Freedom is having control of your time.
To achieve this you need your money & assets working for you.

HODLFIRE! is a community focused on wealth management
using bitcoin and other digital crypto assets to achieve this.

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We’re all about growing wealth using digital assets.

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